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Adoption of e-Research Technologies

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Introduction: From prototype to commodity

The success of the UK e-Science Core programme has encouraged other disciplines -- notably within the social sciences and the arts and humanities -- to explore the benefits of e-Research approaches and technologies. The vision is that e-Infrastructure should be available to underpin all research activities, regardless of discipline, location, organisational context, etc. That is, e-Infrastructure should become the "seen but unnoticed" fabric that underpins research activities of any kind, be it high energy physics in big multinational organisations like CERN or the study of environmental changes conducted in schools and at home. However, before this vision of "democratic eResearch" can be realised, there are significant obstacles to be overcome. These relate to issues such as the commodification of Grid technologies, the shaping of national infrastructures and organisational context as well as developments within research traditions.

The aim of the theme is to study factors that may inhibit or enable the wider diffusion and adoption of e-Research technologies and tools. We are interested to devise strategies for furthering the use of e-Infrastructures based on this understanding.

News and Events

Call for Visitors

A central part of a theme at eSI is played by the people who visit eSI to contribute to the theme activities. If you are a researcher with an interest in the issues around the wider adoption of eResearch and would like to visit eSI sometime over the course of the next year (starting September 2006), please have a look at the eSI Visitors Programme and get in touch with Alex Voss to discuss a possible visit as part of this theme.


We are pleased to welcome the following people as visitors to the theme:

29.01.-02.02.2007 Rob Procter (Research Director of the National Centre for e-Social Science)
22.-23.02.2007 Vasa Curcin (Imperial College London and InforSense Ltd.)
12.-16.03.2007 Gary Olson (Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work, School of Information, University of Michigan)
20.-21.08.2007 Will Venters and Yingqin Zheng (Pegasus Project, London School of Economics)
Wolfgang Gentzsch (Coordinator of D-Grid) - this visit had to be postponed


The following events might be of interest in the context of the theme:

08.-11.09.2008 (tbc) Profiling UK e-Research: Mapping Communities and Measuring Impacts. Workshop at the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting.
18.-20.07.2008 4th International Conference on e-Social Science, Manchester, UK.
08.-09.05.2008 Fostering e-Infrastructure: from user-designer relations to community engagement at the e-Science Institute. Fostering e-Infrastructure Workshop Wiki
23.-25.04.2008 Using OGSA-DAI to Grid enable data for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - part 2, e-Science Institute, Edinburgh

Past Events

10.-11.04.2008 Symposium on Project Management in e-Science, Oxford, UK.
07.-11.04.2008 International Symposium on Grid Computing at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.
25.03.-22.04.2008 Using OGSA-DAI to Grid enable data for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - part 2, online course
18.-20.03.2008 Using OGSA-DAI to Grid enable data for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - part 1, e-Science Institute, Edinburgh.
10.-13.09.2007 UK e-Science All Hands Meeting
12.09.2007 BoF on National Comparisons of Uptake and Sustainability of e-Science
24.09.2007 Realising and Supporting Collaboration in e-Research Workshop at ECSCW'07 in Limerick, Ireland, 24th September 2007
07.-09.10.2007 Third International Conference on e-Social Science in Ann Arbour, Michigan, US (7th-9th October 2007)
07.10.2007 Mapping Worldwide e-Social Science: National Comparisons of Uptake and Sustainability. Workshop at e-Social Science 2007 in Ann Arbour, Michigan, US (7th-9th October 2007)
30.05.-01.06.2007 Distributed Programming Abstractions Theme - First Workshop
14.-15.06.2007 Support for e-Research: Filling the Library Skills Gap
18.06.2007 Methods and Technologies for Enabling Virtual Research Communities
19.06.2007 Ontologies and Semantic Interoperability for Humanities Data
20.06.2007 Collaborative Text Editing
28.-30.06.2007 3rd International Conference on Communities and Technologies
28.06.2007 Social construction and implications of research infrastructures on the first day of the C&T confernce (see above)
02.07.2007 Grid Enabling Humanities Datasets
23.07.2007 AHRC ICT Methods Network Workshop on Space and Time: Methods of Geospatial Computing for Mapping the Past
23.-24.05.2007 International Workshop on Virtual Research Environments and Collaborative Work Environments (VREs meet CWEs Workshop Wiki, Presentations, recorded sessions)
12.-13.05.2007 Semantic Integration Workshop (semantic integration in the environmental sciences)
24.-25.04.2007 Managing Scientific Workflows with OMII-BPEL
30.04.2007 The e-Science Institute Public Lecture - Sheila Anderson
14.-16.03.2007 Realising and Coordinating e-Research Endeavours (e-Research Endeavours Workshop Wiki)
22.-23.02.2007 Models for a sustainable National Grid Service
16.02.2007 Study of Users' Priorities for E-Infrastructure for Research (SUPER)
18.-19.12.2006 A joint workshop of the EPSRC Service-Oriented Software Research Network (SOSoRNet) and the AHRC ICT Methods Network
27.-28.11.2006 Re-use or Re-invention - a Roadmap for Data Integration (Schizophrenia as a Test Case)
04.-06.12.2006 2nd IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing
21.-22.11.2006 Virtual Organisations and Grids: Applications, Patterns and Infrastructures
25.10.2006 eSI Public Lecture Series: Alex Voss gave a public lecture on Adoption and Sustainability of e-Research Technologies: From prototype to commodity.
27.-28.09.2006 Information Infrastructures and Architectures Workshop
17.-18.07.2006 Portals and Portlets 2006
19.05.2006 User Requirements and Web based Access for eResearch
09.05.2006 Data Quality/Usability Issues in e-Health: Practice, Process and Policy
09.-10.03.2006 Integrated Health Records (IHR) - Practice and Technology
26.-27.01.2006 Designing for e-Science: Interrogating new scientific practice for usability, in the lab and beyond
06.-09.06.2005 Designing for Usability in eScience: A suite of tutorials for Researchers Interested in Improving Usableness and Usefulness of their eScience tools
03.-04.03.2005 GridSphere and Portlets workshop
23.02.2004 Building Collaborative eResearch Environments
26.-27.01.2004 Designing for e-Science: Interrogating new scientific practice for usability, in the lab and beyond
14.-15.01.2004 Requirements Capture for Collaboration in eScience

Presentations and Reports

This section contains links to the presentations given as part of the research theme, either by the theme leader or by visitors.

Adoption and Sustainability of e-Research Technologies: From prototype to commodity (Alex Voss, eSI Public Lecture Series, 25.10.2006)

Slides presented at the e-Infrastructure workshop, Manchester, 15th/16th January 2007 (Alex Voss)

Mid-Term Report for the theme, (Alex Voss, Rob Procter, Tom Rodden)

Uptake and Sustainability of e-Research presented at the NCeSS Showcase (Alex Voss, Manchester, 29th March 2007)

Theme final report (Alex Voss, Rob Procter and Tom Rodden)

About the Theme

This theme is run as a collaboration between the eScience Institute and the ESRC National Centre for e-Social Science. Have a look at the proposal for more background information. There is also a recording of a public lecture given by Alex at the e-Science Institute, the Slides for the lecture are also available. (MacOS users can play the video by downloading the Flip4Mac Plugin to play Windows Media files in Quicktime).

Mailing List and BSCW

NOTE: the mailing list and BSCW are now closed as the theme has ended.

The theme mailing list is used both for discussions and for announcements about the theme activities. It is open for anyone to subscribe to but only subscribed people can post (in order to keep spam at bay).

A BSCW workspace is available for the core collaborators. Contact Alex if you want to get access.

Theme Leaders:

Alexander Voss (National Centre for e-Social Science, University of Manchester)
Rob Procter (National Centre for e-Social Science, University of Manchester)
Tom Rodden (School of Computer Science and IT, University of Nottingham)

Core Collaborators

Rob Allan (CCLRC and NCeSS)
Maia Dimitrova (Manager, JISC VRE Programme)
Julia Lane (NORC/University of Chicago)
Ian Miles (Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology, University of Manchester)
Jennifer Schopf (e-Infrastructure Policy Advisor, NeSC)
Robin Williams (Director, Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation, University of Edinburgh)


ESISummerSchool: some thoughts on an eSI Summer School aimed at widening the uptake of e-Research by engaging young (PhD) researchers from disciplines outside the circle of "early adopters".

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