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Digital Representations of Performing Arts

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Performance, being ephemeral, raises record-keeping challenges that directly affect future scholarship in, and interpretation of, Performing Arts. E-Science technology has the capability to provide innovative new solutions to address issues related to the creation and use of Performing Arts records.

All about the workshop and its traces:

This event took place between the 18th - 20th July 2007. All information about the event, including a full programme is available from the DigitalRepresentationsWorkshop page. Major themes include:

  1. The opportunities offered to Performing Arts scholarship by e-Science.
  2. Representations of (various) performing arts, digital representations, and their limitations/uses.
  3. Future directions in the access and use of digital Performing Arts collections.

See the event page for more details.

To build on the outputs of the event you are encouraged to add resources, links, articles, and anything else which sheds light on digital representations of performance to the RepresentingPerformances page. Additional resources, such as downloads of the presentations, can be found from the Event Material page.

Ideas emerging from the workshop:

Intellectual debates/research strands to develop:

Future Activities:

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