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Draft Information

The e-Science Institute has been in operation since August 2001.

  • Phase 1 was funded for 3 years from 1 Aug 2001 - 31 Jul 2004, as part of the UK e-Science Programme, by the joint Research Councils (now RCUK) through the then Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Phase 2 was funded in the same way, from 1 Aug 2004 - 31 Jul 2006.
  • Phase 3 (eSI3) has been funded by the same programme for the period 1 Aug 2006 - 31 Jul 2011, but now via the EPSRC grant EP/D056314/1 and with a mid-term review.

The material on these pages is a collection of information in preparation for the mid-term review.

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