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Friday: The Future with DIR

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Data-Intensive Research Workshop: Friday - Mapping the Future of DIR: Soliciting comments

Please add any comment you would like to make about the Friday's DIR Workshop programme. It can be specifically related to a talk or be general. Please separate entries with headings and add your signature.


Purpose of Friday's Programme

To bring together and reflect on what we have learnt about DIR during the week. To hear and develop views on the future of and with DIR. --MalcolmAtkinson 17:28, 5 March 2010 (UTC)

Planning our route to the data-intensive future: Monday's highlights (Malcolm Atkinson)

Strategies for addressing high-volume data (Stratis Viglas)

Strategies for addressing data complexity (David De Roure)

The future of Data Analysis (Chris Williams)

The future of languages for DIR (Shantenu Jha)

The future of databases for DIR (Stratis Viglas)

Strategies for interacting with data (Jano van Hemert)

Emerging Trends and Converging Technologies in Data Intensive Scalable Computing (Roger Barga)

A Vision for Research in 2030 (John Wood)

Any comments not related to a specific talk

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