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This page is intended to give some very basic instructions on how to use the eSI Wiki. For more detailed information please use the Media Wiki Help Pages

This page is maintained by Anna Kenway


Getting Access

  • If you only want to read the pages, you need do nothing further.
  • If you want to comment or edit, you need to register as an individual user ("Image:User.gif Create an account or log in" at the top of this page).


The instructions below will help you to produce reasonably well formatted pages. It does not include a section on tables because they are not particularly user-friendly to do, though they may be added at a later point.

Adding/Changing Text

  • Click on the edit box either at the top of the page or at the beginning of a section. A dialogue box appears - type the text you want.
  • It is a good idea to preview the text before saving it. Click the button below the text box. If you are happy with the outcome then ...
  • Save page - you must remember to enter the non-machine readable word image.
  • To start a new line (or paragraph) leave at least one clear line between the text.

Minor Formatting

You can use the buttons at the top of the text box to apply formatting and basic templates for links and new pages. Here we describe the simplest and most frequently used formatting.

  • Button 1 - Bold (highlight the words and click the button) or add 3 single quotes at each end of the text as in '''Bold'''
  • Button 2 - Italics (ditto) or add 2 single quotes at each end of the text as in ''Italics''
  • To make a bulleted list begin each line with a *
  • To make a numbered list begin each line with a #

Adding Structure

  • Headed Sections are given a hierarchical structure using the = character at both ends of the title. The number determines the depth in the heirarchy (more means lower) and MediaWiki will automatically format font etc as well as generate a table of contents which links to the sections.

== Main Section ==

=== Sub Section ===

==== Sub Sub Section ====

  • You can draw a line across the page by either using the last button above the dialogue box or typing ----

Adding Links

Note: The shape (square) and number of brackets in the examples are important.

  • Web Links - The text [ eSI Website] will look like this: eSI Website. The fourth button above the template provides a basic template for this process, but it is of limited use.
  • Email Links - The text [mailto:// Anna Kenway] will look like this: Anna Kenway
  • Linking to an Existing Page - Put the name of the page in double square brackets e.g. [[Main Page]] will appear as Main Page The third button above the dialogue box again provides a basic template for this function.

Starting a New Page

Wiki pages should not be too long - they quickly become unreadable and uneditable (and MediaWiki complains). There are a number of ways to do this - this is the simplest.

To start a new page simply add the name of the new page in double square brackets e.g. [[Continuing Discussion]] in the text of the originating page where you want the link to be. When you save the page the link will appear in red - click on it and MediaWiki will start a new page for you, with that name, in edit mode.

Uploading Documents

Wikis were not really designed to upload documents but images instead. However it can be done. PDF files are straightforward. On the sidebar of the page, go to the section called 'toolbox' and click on 'Upload file'. Follow the instructions - ignore any warnings about the size of the file. Follow through then open the uploaded file. Then create a web link to the document - simply copy and paste the usually complicated URL (address) of the opened document as shown in the 'Adding Links' section above. For example: [ Proposal] will produce Proposal

Signing your Contributions

Use the second last button above the dialogue box to sign an entry. It adds --~~~~ to the text which generates your user name and a datestamp like this.

-- Anna 10:03, 14 January 2008 (GMT)


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