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Information Services for Smart Decision Making

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Grid computing resources and services can advertise a large amount of data for many different use cases. These include providing data so that resource brokers can locate computing elements appropriate for a job, streaming data so application steering adjustments can be made during runtime, and notifying system administrators when changes in system load or disk space availability occur in order to identify possible performance anomalies. However, Grid information systems are not yet mature, and the use cases for possible performance data continue to expand.

We proposed to organise a series of events, public lectures, outreach to UK eScience projects, and publications around the topic of Grid information services and their use in decision-making. Middleware developers will be interested in this theme in order to better understand the performance constraints on current Grid information systems, what data is commonly collected from Grid services, and what analysis tools are being developed. Application developers will be interested in this work to better understand what information is available about the resources and services they wish to use, and to help further the development of application-oriented middleware to better understand current performance limitations and faults. System administrators will be interested in this theme to help influence the tools being developed in order for them to better understand current Grid service status and troubleshooting.

This theme will include a set of hands-on technology oriented events, as well as more application and research oriented events, mainly held at the eSI. As with all eSI event themes, the Research Leader, Jennifer Schopf, will be visiting a number of UK eScience sites giving public seminars and working with projects.

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