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Modelling and Microbiology

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The aim of this theme was to identify the key future research directions and challenges at the interface between computational modelling and microbiology. Our theme activities began with a public lecture by Rosalind Allen on September 28th, 2010, entitled “Microbes: an unseen world”. During the following 12 months, we ran a series of workshops and a research conference. Our workshop topics were “Stochastic effects in microbial infection”, “Modelling microbial evolution” and “Microbial metabolic modelling”. These workshops generated key ideas and conclusions. A significant number of new ideas and interactions emerged from our focused workshops. To disseminate these, we also organised a larger, 4 day research conference, which was held at eSI, July 4th-7th, 2011.

Motivation for this theme

Stochastic effects in microbial infection

Microbial Evolution

Microbial Metabolism

Research conference: Modelling and Microbiology

Our conclusions

Our outputs

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