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Re-use or Re-invention - a Roadmap for Data Integration

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Psychosis Collaboratory

The wiki was set up by collaborating HealthGrid projects at the Re-Use and Re-invention data integration workshop at eSI [1] The focus is on roadmapping data integration and ontology alignment in across Grid projects in specific disease domains, using schizophrenia as a test bed. This is a disease-specific element within the wider EU HealthGrid SHARE roadmap which you can access here, [2], and provides access to shared tools and content from the new BIRN project portal [3]

The participants include NeuroGrid [4], Generation Scotland [5], BIRN Human Brain Project [6],PsyGrid[7], NeuroBase [8], CARMEN [9], the P3G Biobanks consortium special action on mental health[10], the EU HealthGrid Share project [11] developing a roadmap for data integration in the EU eHealth Area and the EU HealthAgents project[12]. Some of these projects also deal with Alzheimers, bi-polar, autism, depression and brain stroke. A brief overview of the projects in available here

A particular focus for the group is the development of shared anatomical reference data, shared diagnostic criteria, and harmonisation across sites.The group was supported by a number of ontology projects with a specific interest in developmental neuroscience in animal and human models, including EMAP [13] and DGEMAP [14]/ and other in more generic ontology development projects such as CARO, OntoGrid, Sealife who also collaborated on the BIRN workshop [15] organised by Richard Baldock and Jano van Hemert.


  • Agreeing on shared terms and frames of reference for the diagnosis for schizophrenia,in relation to different data sets (patient and family data, genetic data, imaging data, cognitive and psychiatric test data)
  • Using the BIRN Brain Project Lexicon BIRNLex and the Bonfire Concept Browser as a core cross referenced and cross coded resource to support the development of compatible anatomical reference ontologies, and as a basis for harmonisation, integration and representation of disparate research data in a common frame of reference.
  • Using the resources of the eScience nodes to support collaboration through regular Access Grid meetings,and the wiki, together with the resources now made available through the newly launched BIRN portal, and the portals of the other collaborators.

Draft for HealthGrid 2007 [[16]]

New Papers and Calls

New Papers

Disease biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with first-onset psychosis [17]

Gaze-Fixation, Brain Activation, and Amygdala Volume in Unaffected Siblings of Individuals with Autism. [18][19]

Association of Neuregulin 1 with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder [20]

A neuregulin 1 variant associated with abnormal cortical function and psychotic symptoms.[21]

Genes and schizophrenia: beyond schizophrenia: the role of DISC1 in major mental illness.[22]

Project and Organisational Links
National Instit. of Mental Health NIMH [23]
Schizophrenia Blog [24]

Funding Calls Please Add..

UK EU insitutions are eligible to apply to these new RO1 calls from the US Nat. Inst. of Mental Health [25] Receipt/Submission Cycles (1-February, 2-June, 3-September 2007)
PA-07-121. The Development Of Frontal Cortex And Limbic System And Their Roles Mental Health (R01) [26]

PA-07-088. Functional Links between the Immune System, Brain Function and Behavior (R01) [27]

PA-07-104. Co-Occurring Mental Illness, Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse & Medical Conditions (R01) [28]

PA-07-085. Research On Autism And Autism Spectrum Disorders (R01) [29]

Fuzzy Logic and Ontologies



Ontology Extensions


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