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Seismology: from data to actionable evidence

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This theme aims to initiate and strengthen activities between the different groups of people vital to ensure seismology analysis becomes an integrated community all the way from data providers to researchers tackling scientific challenges and scientists and decision makers involved in earthquake hazard, risk and early warning. These groups are the well-established seismic data providers, the e-Science community and the earthquake research community. Besides the scientific aspect, better integration is needed to inform the general public and policy makers in a more timely and accurate way before, during and after an earthquake sequence.

The findings of this theme will support the seismology community in deciding on its vision and strategic direction. We are preparing a report on both the workshops held during this theme, describing the key scientific questions and their current status. A major component of the theme is the underlying e-Infrastructure to allow the scientific questions to be addressed. The theme ended on 30 June 2011, and we expect to make the report publicly available in the following months. In the meantime, these wiki pages list some of the key points and issues raised during the workshops, links to slides and webcasts of presentations, and to existing theme-related documents such as the original proposal.

Lectures and workshops

17 January 2011: Theme inaugural talk by Professor Andreas Rietbrock "Imaging the seismic mega thrust: A challenge in data intensive computing"

7 – 9 March 2011: Workshop in eScience Applications for Seismology

20 June 2011: Public Lecture by Professor Heiner Igel "Our shaking planet: How megaquakes affect the whole Earth" (Link to presentation slides of this talk currently available here.)

20 June – 21 June 2011: 2nd Workshop in eScience Applications for Seismology: The role of HPC

Theme-related documents

Theme proposal

Mid-term report

Link to the theme’s homepage.

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