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Trust and Security in Virtual Communities

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This theme is running from 1st January to 31st December 2008. The theme leader is Andrew Martin.

Sometimes, "security" has been a stick with which to beat careless eScientists. A good treatment of security, can, however, be a great enabler for new patterns of interaction; new system designs.

  • For example, just as a Wiki like this makes possible easy dynamic content and online discussions, so something like "Digital Rights Management for All" lets people and projects offer shared access to valuable data that would otherwise just be too risky.
  • Or, we are aware of many application domains where data is sufficiently valuable that its owners would not dream of using, say, Condor, on the grounds that their data or software might be misappropriated. Techniques of virtualization and Trusted Computing help to improve the guarantees on offer.

There is a Discussion Paper Please join the discussion.

Meetings and Events

  • Second Workshop The second workshop, on technologies for Trust and Security was held in Oxford, 8th-9th May.
  • Tutorial A tutorial on Trusted Computing Technologies was held at eSI, 3rd and 4th June.

A main output from the theme is the paper "Towards a Framework for Security in e-Science", published at the IEEE e-Science Conference in 2010.

Suggestions for further events, visitors, or lectures are welcome: use email, or record them here!

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