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Useful Information for Theme Leaders

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This page is intended for Theme Leaders. If you are intending to submit a theme proposal, please go to the main eSI webpage on Themes.


Summary Theme Information

Wiki and Web pages links, dates, reports, and leaders

Report Templates

These are Word documents. The final report should be around 8 pages long - please ensure that you include the executive summary. Note also, that these reports should focus on the development of ideas during the progression of the theme, rather than simply list events and other activities.

Workshop Costs

To satisfy our grant conditions and the duty of care we have to manage public funds wisely, there are a number of restrictions on what can be paid for.

  • Normally, we only pay travel and accommodation for personally invited participants (small working group or invited speakers).
  • We cannot pay for all catering for all events and generally must charge a modest registration fee to cover this.
    • We can cover the registration of personally invited participants for whom we normally cover all costs (see above).
    • Conference dinner: Participants who are not personally invited are expected to pay for this as part of their registration. Even then, please bear in mind that for the cost to be reclaimable by them from their own institution, this demonstrably needs to be a business dinner (not an entertainment) where the discussion can continue and so:
      1. Should be in a relatively quiet environment - some restaurants are not suitable and our team can advise on this.
      2. The cost should not be excessive. Again, our team can help with this - we have agreements with some restaurants and they invoice us directly. Bear in mind that this is public funding and any expenses must be justifiable to the taxpayer - especially in the current environment and with recent political scandals. Any excessive claims will be rejected.
  • There may be some cases where, for some particular communities, all the costs need to be covered - for example because they don't normally have access to a travel budget of their own, are students etc. If this is the case, please discuss with the Deputy Director.

Claiming Expenses and what to tell your Invited Speakers

Useful information is available for everyone visiting the Institute at Information for Visitors. Please make sure you point this out to anyone you invite to participate in the theme and who needs to claim expenses.

Applying for Extensions

These are not automatic and must be applied for. They can be either on a 'no cost' basis (to complete the original programme where there have been delays) or can come with additional funding where work during the theme has indicated that significant new deliverables can be produced by extending the theme. A template will appear here shortly. Themes that are extended will need to produce a report every six months (rather than just the two expected of 12 month themes).

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