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What is a theme

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A theme typically consists of a connected series of events, visitors and workshops. It has to address e-Science research in a deep and sustained effort to advance knowledge and capability in its area. It is expected that the focus for a theme's activity will be at the eSI in Edinburgh, but we are keen to enagage in collaborative activity with other centres and institutes through satellite activity such as associated workshops.

A theme is driven by a Theme Leader (TL) who is in effect a funded long-term visitor to eSI and is committed to the topic for its duration. The TL is responsible for developing a connected programme spanning many months and ensuring that it will engage leading researchers in the specific field over an extended period. The theme should bring visitors to the Institute and other e-Scientists to work with the TL throughout its duration. Themes will also contribute to the eSI's summer schools programme.

The e-Science Institute plans to run two active themes and to have two in preparation at any time. Scientific oversight of the Themes programme is done by the Science Advisory Board (which meets every 6 months) and the more local Programme Committee which meets approximately every 2 months.

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