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Workshop: Understanding Provenance and Linked Open Data

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Date: 30 – 31 March 2001

Location: Appleton Tower, Edinburgh



Underpinning the scientific process is the transfer of ideas, knowledge and resources, and in recent years the Web has drastically altered both the nature and speed of this exchange. Recently the concept of the Web of Linked Data has emerged as a means to expose, share, and connect information on the Web identified by URIs using RDF as a data model. Examples include the initiative which aims to expose UK public data, and, which provides an atlas of post-genomic data. However, the Web of Linked Data still suffers from many of the same problems as the Web of documents in terms of information quality, trust, attribution, privacy, etc.

This workshop aims to bring together key academic and non-academic stakeholders to:

  • Identify what provenance dimensions (as identified by the W3C Provenance Incubator Group are relevant to Linked Open Data;
  • Identify additional provenance issues and challenges of Linked Open Data; identify a small number of relevant case-studies;
  • Review existing provenance solutions that might be applicable to Linked Open Data.

Target Audience

This meeting is intended for academics, researchers and PhD students interested in provenance, industry, data archives, libraries, museums, government agencies (for example, the cabinet office transparency unit, ordnance survey) and others interested in provenance and linked open data.


Wednsday 30th of March 2011

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:15 Introduction, aims and plans for the workshop

10:30 W3C Incubator Group summary and open questions. (Paul Groth, VU University Amsterdam)

11:00 Linked Open Data Provenance - Issues (Presentations)

  • Provenance Issues for the RDTF Vision (Owen Stephens - Owen Stephens Consulting and the Open University)
  • Becoming Dataware (Hanif Rahemtulla and James Goulding)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Breakout groups to identify the issues and challenges associated with provenance and Linked Open Data. Each group should produce a poster reporting findings

14:30 Reporting

15:00 Coffee + people voting for top issues and challenges

15:30 Existing provenance solutions (Presentations)

  • Publishing Workflow Provenance as Linked Open Data (Paolo Missier, University of Newcastle)
  • Building a Provenance Fabric for Linked Data (Edoardo Pignotti, University of Aberdeen)

16:45 Conclusions, plan for the next day

Dinner: 19:30 Hotel du Vin, 11B Bristo Pl, Edinburgh

Thursday 31st of March 2011

9:15 Coffee

9:30 Review of outcomes from the previous day: Top issues and challenges as selected by the group

9:45 Introduction to case-studies collected prior to workshop. (Short presentation from each case-study owner)

10:15 Breakout session to identify additional case-studies

  • Using Provenance for Research Object Publication (Khalid Belhajjame and Paolo Missier)

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Summary, Outcome of case-study session. Plan for future activities (e.g. further analysis and discussion of case-studies) Plans for the next workshop

12:30 End of Workshop


If you would like to attend this event please apply to attend using the link below:


  • Prof Luc Moreau, University of Southampton
  • Prof Ewan Klein, University of Edinburgh
  • Ms Kate Byrne, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr James Cheney, University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Peter Edwards, University of Aberdeen
  • Mr Radoslaw Ostrowski, EPCC
  • Mr Geeth de Mel, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Edoardo Pignotti, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Jun Zhao, University of Oxford
  • Dr Paolo Missier, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Simon Miles, King's College London
  • Ms Jo Walsh, The University of Edinburgh
  • Miss Yin Chen, Edinburgh University
  • Prof Simon Dobson, University of St Andrews
  • Mr Jinhan Kim, School of Informatics
  • Mr Alex Milowski, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Gary Polhill, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute
  • Mr Owen Stephens, Owen Stephens Consulting
  • Miss Jennifer Black, University of Southampton
  • Ms Paola Di Maio, ISTCS.ORG/University of Strathclyde
  • Mr Marcus Cobden, University of Southampton
  • Ms Dalal Al-Azizy, University of Southampton
  • Mr Robert Stewart, Heriot-Watt University
  • Dr Paul Groth, VU University Amsterdam
  • Mr Shahriar Bijani, School of Informatics
  • Dr Khalid Belhajjame, University of Manchester
  • Mr Matthew Gamble, The University of Manchester
  • Dr David Corsar, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Christian Brenninkmeijer, University of Manchester
  • Dr Stephen Cresswell, The Stationery Office
  • Mr Andras Salamon, School of Informatics
  • Dr Hanif Rahemtulla, Nottingham University
  • Dr James Goulding, University of Nottingham
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